We’re Lacework Films.

The Only All-Female Omaha Wedding Videography Studio Incorporating The Sights & Sounds of Your Wedding Day Into Film

When your wedding day goes by in such a flash, your memories are precious. Worth saving forever. The most important day of your life is one never to be forgotten.

Let’s soak up the moment and tell your love story in a way you’ll never forget.

photos by  cb Yates photo

photos by cb Yates photo


Meet Kelly,

Owner of Lacework Films

Hi friends! I’m Kelly, a Nebraska-based wedding videographer and Omaha native. I work with couples like you to make your wedding day memories ones you’ll never forget. It’s my honor to capture your love story from behind the lens of my camera.

Soon after getting married at 21, I deeply regretted not having my own wedding film to look back on my special day. It’s why I began helping couples in the Midwest not just record their wedding, but enjoy a documentary-style experience every time they return to their wedding day. When I work with you, nothing brings me more joy than getting to know you before the wedding so filming goes off without a hitch!

Proudly married for 6 years to my husband Steven and mom of 3 kiddos (5, 3, and 1 years old!), you’ll usually find me with a baby on my hip or phone in my hand (bad habit, I know!). Faith is a major part of who I am— I love knowing that God has a plan for my life.

When I’m not filming weddings (my full-time job since 2016!), you’ll find me binging The Bachelor, working out, listening to podcasts, and reading (my goal in 2019 is to read 30 books!).

Fun Facts

The name for Lacework Films is inspired by one of my favorite Saints: St. Zelie Martin, an incredible woman who raised her daughters to be saints like her. While raising her daughters, she supported her family as a lacemaker.

I’m an extrovert— meeting new people is among my favorite things! Along with trying new local coffeeshops and restaurants!

I’ve had a camera since I was 7 years old. But it wasn’t a fancy one— I had a purple film camera that wound with real film! When me and my siblings put on shows for my parents, I was always the one with a camcorder in her hand, capturing the whole scene!

I have a degree in Broadcast Production from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!