Wedding collections start at $3000

What We Offer: Stellar client experience from a legally-insured LLC with years of experience providing high-quality wedding videography.

Our Style: Timeless.

We capture your wedding day as it happens so you never feel like you’re in the middle of a movie set. No cheesy poses, just the two of you being your amazing, beautiful selves!

Our Goal: To capture moments with your loved ones so years from now you’ll look back and remember those moments exactly.

Classic, Timeless Wedding Films

Omaha Wedding videography for deeply-in-love couples

You’ve booked a wedding photographer. You think you’re all set… but you’re missing something. Every bride you’ve ever spoken to says your wedding day will be gone in the blink of an eye.

But you want to remember all those special moments that mark your wedding day as the most important in your life. The vows. The toasts. Those affirmations murmured by friends and family just moments before you walk down the aisle.

After all, your wedding vows are where you create your forever. And photography won’t capture those unforgettable moments.

Ready to soak up the moment and tell your love story in a way you’ll never forget?

You’re in the right place!


The videographer behind the camera

Hi friends, I’m Kelly!

I’m a Nebraska-based wedding videographer and Omaha native. I work with couples like you to make your wedding day memories ones you’ll never forget. It’s my honor to capture your love story from behind the lens of my camera.


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Lacework Films different from all the other videographers?

Great question! First of all, we specialize exclusively in wedding videos (they are truly our passion) and our emphasis is on storytelling! We love using high-quality audio captured from your day to have our highlight films tell the story of the day. We pull audio in from toasts, readings, vows, letters or other special moments from your wedding day. Audio is what makes video so different from photo and this is the ONLY time these moments will happen and the ONLY time these words will be spoken!



How do you get all that great audio?

We use tiny lavalier microphones on the groom and officiant during the ceremony. We also utilize the venue's audio source and record from there or add microphones on the podium and in front of singers if that's not available. We use those same tiny mics during the first looks (with the groom and/or dad) to capture all those special words during that time. During the reception, we tap into the DJ's soundboard to get perfect audio of those toasts!



Who will be shooting and editing the film?
In 2020, we are have the ability to have two teams filming weddings on the same day. Kelly is the lead shooter on the main team and has Magie join her as a second shooter or assistant to make sure everything is captured! Kelly also does all the editing and spends around 40 hours per wedding to produce all the different elements to your film. All films are delivered through a digital platform called Mediazilla.




Why is video so expensive?

I would love to be able to sit down with you and chat about this in person! Your wedding video is a priceless memory and it’s not the just the hours on your wedding day that go in to it! You are investing in a quality product, experience, continuing education, gear and countless hours of editing after your wedding day is over. We want your film to be perfect so the fact that our turnaround time is pretty quick is something that makes us proud! We only take on a certain amount of weddings a year so we can guarantee a quality heirloom in a reasonable amount of time!



Are you insured?

Yes! Lacework Films is not only insured but is a properly licensed LLC in the state of Nebraska.