Nebraska Wedding Podcast - Episode 4: Erin Dabbs - Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Erin Dabbs

Omaha Wedding Photographer - Erin Dabbs of Erin Ren Photography

Erin and I had SUCH a fun time. I ended up taking out a lot of bloopers but definitely still left some fun in the episode. We talked all about her love of wedding photography, how she set her wedding budget (you HAVE to listen solely for this technique she used!), AND we learned that both of us have the same amount of sisters. Can you guess how many sisters we have?

She is an active photographer in the Omaha wedding photographer community and she shared with me off the record how much she absolutely loves working for and learning from photographers better than her. She said that she will never feel like she’s “made it” because she is so honored and humbled whenever a more successful Nebraska wedding photographer asks her to second shoot for them! She has gained so much experience through those jobs and is forever thankful for them and will always shoot for someone else :)

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