Love Story Film: Capturing Your Forever Romance

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It goes without saying that I absolutely love breaking out my equipment, following along on my clients’ special day, and capturing the most intimate, important, and captivating moments of their wedding. There’s nothing like catching these special moments on video that will allow you to relive your wedding day over and over. 

But, today, I want to introduce you to a new idea: your love story film

At Lacework Films, a number of our wedding videography offerings include a complementary highlight reel of your wedding, but that doesn’t always cut it when it comes to sharing the bliss of your relationship. That’s why we also offer couples’ love stories as a stand-alone service. You can book your love story film session to cover your proposal, tell your engagement story, celebrate your anniversary, capture your family dynamic, or combine it all to include a little bit of everything!

A love story film gives you and your partner a chance to capture a super special moment forever – the love you two share at this very moment, how it all began, and where you plan on it taking you. Where will your love story film take you? 

The love story film package is a perfect way to share your story in a unique way. Let’s take a second to dive deeper into the love story film, and why I just think it is one of the most special things you are your loved one can share with each other! 

The Perks of Love Story Videography

Touch Upon How It All Began

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A love story film session usually includes a private, couple’s interview prior to the wedding day. This interview session gives you an opportunity to talk to the camera alongside your spouse-to-be (don’t worry, we won’t make you go cold in front of the camera alone!). 

When it comes to that time in front of the camera, I will be the first to admit that I love the candidness of the love story film! Seeing how each individual of the couple describes their relationship – their very own love story – is so special! Watching the love story unfold on the opposite side of the camera is really something special. Then, taking the stories and editing them together… well, it provides such an intimate, playful, and fun way for each person to describe how their own relationship all began. 

Of course, there are always smiles and laughs shared when it comes to reminiscing on those early feelings – first impressions, first dates, first kisses, etc. – the start of something magical that, of course, is about to lead to a lifetime commitment to each other in marriage. 

Savor the Magic of the Proposal

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How did he (or she) pop the question?! Were you two on vacation, out at a romantic dinner, walking along the beach, on an adventure, or simply in the comfort of your own home? Regardless of how the proposal went down, the love story film gives you the chance to enjoy one of the most important moments of your life – the proposal – over and over again.

Share Personal Vows in a Private Setting

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If you plan on exchanging traditional vows during your actual wedding ceremony, your love story film is one of the perfect places you two can share your personal vows. The intimate video shoot provides an opportunity and special space for you and your partner to exchange the personal vows that you two promise to uphold throughout your marriage and relationship. Then, you can relive and recall those vows over and over again when you watch your love story film. 

Get a Little Silly

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I’ve noticed, as a videographer, that when it comes to the actual wedding video, things tend to be a little more serious. I mean, the big day is so event-filled, and there is so much action to capture, that the wedding video often isn’t able to get as candid as the couple may have hoped. 

The love story film, on the other hand, allows tons of time for laughs! Share funny memories with the camera – like how he accidentally spilled hot cheese sauce on his shirt during your first date, or how you totally beat her butt in mini golf on the vacation where you popped the question. 

Bottom line: your love story film is what you make it and can be as silly or as serious as you’d like. Love story videography gives you and your partner a chance to capture the unique essence of your relationship – and all of the reasons you two fell for each other in the first place – in a way that allows you to share it over and over again with each other!

Cherish the Moment Forever

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Capturing your love story film provides you the opportunity of “freezing” your relationship up until this present moment in time. Years down the road… when you two are parents or even grandparents (!!!) you can pull out your love story film and reminisce on the butterflies and feelings that you two had in the days and months leading up to your wedding day. 

Plus, it will be hilarious to show your grandchildren-to-be how young, hip, and in love you and your partner were “back in the day,” ha-ha. 

What Our Couples Say About

Their Love Story Films

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At Lacework Films, we offer a number of add-ons when it comes to your wedding videography. Love story video footage starts at $700 and is one of our most popular offerings. Why? Well, for starters, it’s because of everything we mentioned above!

Picture this: as you and your spouse grow older, your love story film will provide you an opportunity to travel back in time and to remember the dynamic of your relationship as it was before the two of you said “I do.” 

What the Weilands have to say about their Love Story Film:

Let's be honest, have you seen our "Love Story" video? Just try your hardest not to smile. Kelly helped us with the cutest way to surprise our families at our wedding and everyone was laughing and crying. I'd definitely recommend Lacework Films to anyone looking for videography with new vision and depth.

What the Schomerus’ have to say about their Love Story Film:

Saying we LOVED working with Kelly is an understatement! First of all, having videographer is a MUST! My parents were hesitant on the thought of having one at first but after seeing the video they were so glad we did it. In addition to our wedding day we also filmed a Love story to show at the wedding. The Love story was the perfect length because we all know some videos that are just TOO long and drag on. Everything about our videos turned out better than we could've ever imagined. If your "husband to be" is anything like mine... shy and really not looking forward to a video have no worries! Kelly does a great job at making everyone feel comfortable and makes the process super easy. The quality of the video and all aspects were great! She really listens to you and makes your video so special. We received so many compliments on both of our videos.

In my opinion – and from what I’ve heard from a number of our clients – the love story film is a romantic way to capture all of the magic of your real-life love story –  and gives you a chance to travel back to that enchanting moment in time even years after the wedding day has passed. 

Ready to capture your very own love story on film? Reach out to me and the experts at Lacework Films today! We can’t wait to tell your story through our camera lens ☺ 

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