How to Not Rush Your Wedding Photos


I often run into bride after bride who tells me the same thing after her wedding day is over – “It all went by so fast!!” Most brides will agree that after months and months of planning, the big day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. And while it’s super easy to get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, I think it’s super important to cherish and prolong as much of it as your possibly can! 

When it comes to your wedding photos, things may get particularly tricky: you probably will have your photographer moving you from location to location and scattering your bridal party and family here and there… all without you even realizing that THESE are the moments that you will want to cherish; these are the moments that you will most likely actually never get to actually live out again. 

So, when it comes to your wedding photos, how do you not rush? What can you do to prolong your wedding photo shoot in a way not that it drags on, but that you don’t get so caught up in the photo flashes that the whole thing is over before you realized it even began? 

Here are my best tips for how not to rush your wedding photo shoot. 

How to Not Rush Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Map Out Your Ceremony and Reception Area(s)

More likely than not, you’ve visited your ceremony and/or reception venue(s) several times before the actual wedding day. On your walkthroughs, take a mental note of some of the areas where you’d like your photog to capture on your big day. Is there a beautiful, outdoor backdrop that you and your spouse would look amazing next to? Note it. Are there special limitations or obstacles your photographer (and videographer!) should know about your venue spaces? Let them know ahead of time! 

When everyone’s prepared, the wedding photo shoot is bound to go much more smoothly – feeling more relaxed and less rushed. 

Do Some Location Scouting

Often on a wedding day, depending on how strictly the time schedule is followed, things can go completely haywire and decisions may be made on the spot. For example, maybe you and your spouse decide to move the group photos up by two hours due to the flow of the day. 

Instead of calling upon your photographer with little head up and no time to prepare, invite them to arrive early and walk around the bridal suite, wedding venue, etc. looking for the best locations and visualizing where to shoot the dress, the rings, you (the couple!), the group photos, etc. 

Just like scouring the venue(s), the “early bird” approach helps create no rush or pressure at all.

Act Natural

Although it’s natural to be a bit flustered on your wedding day, try to act as natural as possible when it comes to taking your wedding photos. After all, your wedding day is one where you will be surrounded by all of the people who love and support you and have been beside you throughout every stage of your life! Take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment. 

Take time when it comes to shooting you wedding photos and act natural. The more relaxed you feel, the more the camera will pick up on it, and hence, less retakes your photographer will have to snap. 

Build Time Buffers

Again, on your wedding day, plan for unforeseen delays. You’ll want to enjoy the day… not be super stressed out on what’s supposed to be one of the most important days of your life. I know I might be repeating myself, but I often see brides and grooms absolutely rushing through wedding photos due to scheduling conflicts. Instead schedule ahead, fitting time buffers in between the wedding photo shoot and the actual events, so that you have time before and after the shoot to spare if need be. 

Communicate Quick Times

I mentioned a number of times earlier that it’s important for you and your photog to map out locations and venues before the wedding photos begin. In addition, it is also a good idea to get the times of the quicker moments such as the cake cut, bouquet toss, toasts, confetti and sparklers, and pass them along to your wedding photographer. 

You don’t want these moments to happen while your photographer is taking a bathroom break… and you sure don’t want them to happen while you spy your photog running from said bathroom to capture the final seconds of the cake cut.  

These moments are over in a flash (no pun intended), so it is best to have the timings locked down if possible.

Designate a “Cattle Herder”

Every wedding will require a bit of crowd control during the family group photos. This can be a stressful time for the photographer or others involved, as they may not be aware of the specific family dynamics. 

One of our great no-rush, no-mayhem wedding photography tips is to nominate a family member or someone from the bridal party to organize the people prior to the photoshoot. They can gather the guests for the photos and you can concentrate on smiling and looking amazing!

For the Photog: SLOW DOWN!

This tip I can share from personal experience: A wedding photographer’s day can last up to 15+ hours, so slow down. There is no need to rush. You will end up missing shots by running around like a mad man. (or woman!). 

  • Think about what you are doing. 

  • Compose your shots well. 

  • Check them. Move on. 

  • Don’t just spray and pray. 

Yes, you might have taken 10 billion photos. but that means hours of cutting and editing – many of which could have been avoided otherwise. 

Hire a Wedding Videographer

The truth is, you can’t expect your photographer to capture every. Single. Second. Of your wedding. Instead of having him or her running all about, rushing to capture every little detail, why not hire a wedding videographer to work in tandem? 

Your wedding videographer will be able to capture the moments that your photographer simply can’t express via a still shot. A wedding video, paired with your photos, will allow for a more complete picture of your wedding day – and one that you can relive over and over again! 

Don’t rush trying to have your photographer capture every detail of your wedding. Instead, let a trusted wedding videographer capture all that your wedding photographer is – and then some! To learn more, get in touch with me today! Let’s talk about your wedding plans and see what magic we could create together!

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