Nebraska Wedding Podcast Episode 14: Carrie Dayton - Nebraska Wedding Planner

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Today, Carrie Dayton of Carrie Dayton Events joins the podcast to share all about her journey to wedding/event planning and her passions! One of the things I absolutely love about Carrie is her respect for all the people she works with and for. She refers to the people she works alongside as partners instead of vendors and she shares all about that mindset shift. I ask her about what advice she would have for younger, newer planners since the role has shifted from just logistics to design and sometimes floral as well! She is a pro at navigating sticky situations and she shares her views on etiquette. We discuss the rehearsal dinner and who traditionally is invited and her suggestions for adapting the old traditions to what works now in your situation!

You can find Carrie online at or interact with her on Instagram!

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