Nebraska Wedding Podcast Episode 18: Alissa Neu - VIP Sedan and Limousine - Nebraska Wedding Transportation

On Episode 18 of the Nebraska Wedding Podcast, Kelly chats with Alissa Neu, General Manager of VIP Sedan and Limousine, and they talk about ALL things transportation! (Believe us – there’s SO much you didn’t think about that would make your day SO much smoother. You’ll be glad you listened to this one.)

VIP has served the Omaha community for seventeen years, and from the very beginning has aimed to provide customers with a customized, fun, and SAFE experience. Alissa mentions that transportation is something most people don’t really think about, but having a plan is so incredibly beneficial. After talking to her about what that looks like, we entirely agree!

Alissa’s background is in hospitality and nonprofits. (3:10) This background gave her a really interesting, people-focused perspective on what she does for VIP.

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